David's Reformed Church Congregation

David's Reformed Church Congregation
Congregation of David's Reformed Church, Montgomery Co, Ohio, Circa, 1900

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - Greenlawn Cemetery Rules

Photo is of an "admit" ticket for my great grandfather to visit my great grandmother's burial site at Greenlawn Cemetery in Columbus, Ohio. This would have been issued in 1908. Note how you could not travel more than four miles per hour and any horses left standing had to be securely hitched to posts.


  1. Hi, Lori. I clicked on your blog from geneabloggers and was surprised to see Greenlawn Cemetery on your most recent post. It is a beautiful cemetery. Do you live in Columbus?
    I like your blog. You have beautiful old photographs.

  2. Hi Nancy!
    No. I live in Dayton, but my grandmother was born there and her mother died in childbirth when my grandmother was only 8 years old. I have visited both Greenlawn and Union Cemeteries to photograph family gravesites. They are both beautiful cemeteries.
    Thanks for your kind words about my website! :)

  3. Wow, this was interesting, Lori. I've never seen anything like it.