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David's Reformed Church Congregation
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Monday, December 2, 2013

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories - December 1 ~ Christmas Trees

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories - December 1 ~ Christmas Trees

How appropriate that we start the Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories with "Christmas Trees".
The picture above is from 1962 or 1963.  I was too little to be up at the crack of dawn with my brothers, who are obviously waiting to dig into the presents on this Christmas morning.  When I was young, prior to 1971, we always had live Christmas trees.  I don't remember a lot about them, except for the fact that we always had tinsel and those lights that once one burned out, they all stopped working! There weren't a lot of "fancy" ornaments on our trees, but they were always beautiful and magical to me and they were always the focal point of our celebrations; the perfect spot for those "Christmas Portraits".
Mom, Christmas Portrait, 1962
(note the tinsel on the floor!)
One year my father came home with a new-fangled "shiny, aluminum" Christmas tree. Instead of tinsel and Christmas ornaments on the end of each branch appeared a "star burst" pom-pom in alternating colors of red and green.  To top it off, we it included a color wheel that noisily spun around while reflecting it's red's, blue's, yellow's, and green's against the silvery tree.  While it was beautiful and it eliminated the "pine tree" allergies of my brother and myself, somehow, we missed that green tree with it's shiny bulbs. 
The year we moved into our new home in 1972, my father bought a new artificial green Christmas tree. It was the one I was to have until the year I got married and had a little tree of my own.  It was a beautiful tree, although nobody could have mistaken it for a live tree.
It never really mattered whether the tree was live, fake, silver, or green. What mattered was the joy that came every year when we gathered underneath it's branches on Christmas morning. I carry those memories with me today and I hope I gave my children some of those same special memories to carry with them throughout the Christmases of their future.
Merry Christmas! Let's get the season started!
Me with my brother's, posing in front of one of our last live Christmas Trees
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