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David's Reformed Church Congregation
Congregation of David's Reformed Church, Montgomery Co, Ohio, Circa, 1900

Monday, December 2, 2013

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories ~ December 2 ~ Christmas Cards

Our first Christmas card, 1981

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories ~ December 2

Christmas Cards

I will admit it. I love Christmas cards! It matters not whether I am sending or receiving!
 I loved getting to the mailbox first when I was growing up, hoping that mom would let me open the cards first. (Usually, she didn't!)   I especially liked the ones that were sparkling with glitter or personalized in some way. By the time all of us in the family combined the cards we received, we had quite a collection of festive scenes hanging around the house.
When I was in high school, for a small fee that went to charity, we could have Christmas cards sent to our friends in their "home rooms".  It was fun anticipating if I would be one of those people who received cards that morning!
Once I had a family of my own, we started a tradition of including photographs in our cards. When I look through them now, the memories of those years come flooding back. How glad I am that we took the time to take those pictures, even when the kids didn't really have the patience for it!
When my oldest son was little, I began a Christmas scrapbook into which I placed Christmas stories from magazines, photos, cartoons, and Christmas cards sent to us from friends and loved ones. It begins with cards and letters we received from the first year we were married, 1981 through the late 1990's.  Stuffed inside the covers are letters and cards that still need to be mounted inside from more recent Christmases.  It is bittersweet to read letters from loved ones who are no longer sharing the holidays with us, but I am very grateful to have the opportunity to remember special times.
In this "internet" world, we are sent "cyber cards", which are nice enough. But, somehow, nothing can touch the fun of going to the mailbox and finding a bunch of colorful envelopes filled with Christmas greetings!  (Confidentially, I even turn the envelopes upside down so I can't see the return address. That way, I can be surprised when I open the card and see the name inside!)
So, get those pens and address books ready!
It's Christmas Card Time!
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  1. What a lovely collection of memories you have, and the cards you posted are adorable! I hope this is a tradition carried on by your own children, it's a great idea!

  2. Thanks, Karen. We sure had a lot of fun doing it. My son and daughter in law have started their tradition as well. :)