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David's Reformed Church Congregation
Congregation of David's Reformed Church, Montgomery Co, Ohio, Circa, 1900

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sentimental Sunday - Shared Birthdays

I have heard people lament the fact that they share a birthday with a family member.  They somehow feel "short-changed" by the fact that celebrations were never just for them alone.  I guess that maybe that might be true for multiple birthdays within an immediate family, but I consider myself lucky to have shared my birthday with my two great aunts, Carmen and Olive.   Our birthdays all fell on September 14.  I was a C-section birth so my parents were allowed to choose the birthdate and I was always happy they chose a day that would allow me to celebrate with "Carmie" and "Olive"

Inside the "Baby Book" my mother lovingly kept for me are two precious handwritten letters, sent to my parents by Aunt Carmen and Aunt Olive just after I was born.  I love reading about their excitement at the news of my arrival and I'm thankful that my mother cared enough to save them for me.  

When I was very young, we actually did have the opportunity to celebrate our birthdays together and I'm grateful for the photographs I have of those times. I don't have any memory of those parties, but they sure look like they were fun!

As I grew up, I could be guaranteed that on every birthday, without fail, I would receive a special birthday card from each of them.  Since we weren't living in the same household, I wasn't "sharing" the attention with someone else, but rather I was receiving "special" attention from people I knew loved me. Throughout my childhood and into my married life, we continued to send each other those birthday wishes year after year, until Alzheimer's Disease began to take Aunt Olive away from us and Aunt Carmen passed away. 

Each year, as the calendar turns to September my thoughts go back to those precious days and to those beautiful ladies that I love and miss so much and I sure wouldn't mind sharing my birthday with them again.


  1. It is a special event to share a birthday with the older generation. My two oldest daughters share birthdays with my dad's sisters, My youngest son and my mom share theirs. They all love it.

  2. Lori,
    I enjoyed reading this very touching post, and loved the pictures! I gave birth to my oldest daughter on my father's birthday, and I will always remember how special that was to him. I have a very special picture of the two of them on my daughter's first birthday (and my dad's 59th) which we all treasure to this day. The two of them had such a special connection, and though we lost my dad in 1997, my daughter continues to share each birthday with him, in spirit. :)

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Lori,
    I enjoyed your story very much, as well as the cute pictures. The aunts must have loved sharing their day when little Lori was born. I bet everybody was glad your mother chose that date. Thanks for sharing your birthday story.

  4. What wonderful aunts - and the pictures of you with them are great. I also remember that my older daughter's first day in kindergarten was so exciting for her when she found out that she and her teacher shared a birthday.

  5. How great for you to share your birthday with your aunts!