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David's Reformed Church Congregation
Congregation of David's Reformed Church, Montgomery Co, Ohio, Circa, 1900

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Veterans Day, 2015 ~ World War I ~ Letters From My Grandfather ~ Part Three

My grandfather, Leland Norris, in uniform with gas mask and bayonet.

My grandfather, Leland V. Norris, was now a part of the replacement troop regiment, 5th Battery, in France. It was from this location that he wrote the following letter to Rev. Thomas Dietz. 

Pvt. L.V. Norris
5th Battery,
F.A. R.K.
A.P.O. No. 722
American E.F.

La Cortline, France
July 16, 1918

Dear Pastor,
Received your letter of June 6th yesterday and was sure glad to hear from you and all the news.  I
am getting along fine. Have been laid up a couple of days with a cold and grip, but expect to get out sometime again
I am glad the church work is getting along so fine. I don't get to services as often as I should like to but do the best I can under the conditions.  We are doing quite a bit of work here now.  I am in a replacement regiment stationed here so we send quite a few troops away every day.  I have not
been near the front yet, but am stationed about two hundred miles away now, but am going up
one of these times when I feel well enough trained.
I like it fine here now, get plenty to eat and have good quarters, in fact better than in the states.
Stuckoed barracks are what we live in.  We sure are giving the Huns a run for their money, of late,
and something sure will happen soon  I haven't heard from Dwight, but he is over here somewhere. Glad everybody is well at home.
Well, Mr. Dietz, things are sure different over here than in the states. So much more poverty, I really can't understand these people right. I do wonder sometimes how things can be and think things will be right soon.
Well, I am fine and dandy.  I think this is a great world. Would like to see you all. Write often. Give my best to all and think of me in your prayers. 
I am, as ever,

I don't know when exactly my grandfather returned home. I was told that he never saw combat due to illness.  In the book "Cease Firing" there appears this small paragraph about him:
Norris, Leland V. Dayton, Ohio
    Leland was one of our first buglars, but somehow he never could just exactly "bugle."  We shall never forget one cold morning in Camp Sheridan when Leland could not get a sound out of his horn and we had to wake up another bugler.  He left our organization early in 1918 for immediate overseas service as a replacement. He has returned to this country and has been mustered out of service, but with what organization he served overseas we are unable to ascertain.

He was promoted to Corporal on 21 January, 1919 and he received an Honorable Discharge on 19 May, 1919.  Thank you for your service, Grandpa. 

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